pblcompare 2.31: Show difference of PowerBuilder pbl files in different versions of application.

pblcompare 2.31

PowerBuilder is NOT required. pblCompare does not use PowerBuilder API to read PBL format. 6. pblCompare supports PBL format of PowerBuilder 6 and higher. pblCompare may be used to compare the contents of two PowerBuilder library files or of more. It may be invoked using several methods depending on what you wish to do. pblCompare has three views, they are PowerBuilder library files list view, Objects in library file list view and Object source code

compare, source code

pb2xls 1.6.1: PowerBuilder library (component) for export to Excel of any data

pb2xls 1.6.1

PowerBuilder library (component) for export to Excel format any data with cell`s formatting (color, font, data types, etc.). You can add multiple worksheets into a workbook. Component`s source code can be easily integrated into your PB application. * Written completely in PowerBuilder * Cross-platform. You can use the same code without any changes on any platform supported by PowerBuilder. * You have no need of OLE, external API calls, VBXs, OCXs

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File SyncForce Pro 4

Powerbuilder *File SyncForce FTP *File SyncForce Pro *File SyncForce Dest Move/Rename Freeware if you can deal with occassional nag-screen. Now supports FTP and Powerbuilder and SourceForce code versioning. * Synchronize files between PCs, hard drives, client/server networks, and laptops. * File SyncForce now supports file storing - versioning via SourceForce (online video explains use), a simple yet powerful file-based source control versioning

laptop, desktop, file, directory, pascal, file backup, ftp backup, version control, replicate, backup

Add Email ActiveX Professional 3.0: Easily send HTML emails w/ attachments and embedded images from your application

Add Email ActiveX Professional 3.0

Easily send text or HTML emails from your VB, VB.NET, C++, C#, ASP, ASP.NET, Delphi or PowerBuilder application. Supports SMTP protocol with authentication, unlimited number of attachments, embedded images, non-blocking calls, progress indication events, To, Cc, Bcc and ReplyTo fields, international characters and much more. Fast and reliable component with excellent support service.

basic, visual, smtp, e mail, activex, email, component, vb net, builder, mail

File SyncForce 3.2: File synchronization/backup (now FTP, Powerbuilder & SourceForce)

File SyncForce 3.2

Now supports FTP and Powerbuilder. File SyncForce is a state-of-the-art program that performs file synchronization between PCs, hard drives, client/server networks, and laptops. It has the capability of performing automatic scheduled syncs and backup operations while you are running other programs. Protect your vital corporate data while easing local development and minimizing network traffic!

laptop, version, desktop, file, detect, directory, version control, automatic, replicate, backup

DWCFilter 1.5: DWCFilter is a component for PowerBuilder.

DWCFilter 1.5

DWCFilter is a component for PowerBuilder which it is intended for a filtration of data of yours DataWindow.

component, filter, datawindow

Code Visual to Flowchart 6.0: Automatic program Flow chart generator:supports Visio,Word,Excel,PowerPoint,bmp

Code Visual to Flowchart 6.0

Code Visual to Flowchart is an automatic flow chart generator software , It can reverse engineering a program , create programming flowchart from code,It can generate Bmp,PNG ,Visio,Word,Excel and Powerpoint flowcharts document .supports C, C++, VC++, VB, VBA,Qbasic, VBScript, ASP, Visual C#, VB.NET, Visual J# .NET, VC++.NET, ASP.NET, Java, JSP, JavaScript, Delphi, Pascal, PowerBuilder, PHP, Foxpro, Peoplesoft SQR, PL/SQL, T-SQL,Perl.

basic, source, flow chart, javascript, pascal, editor, flow, charts, visio, code, powerpoint

Color Cop 5.4: a multi-purpose color picker for web designers and programmers

Color Cop 5.4

Color Cop is a multi-purpose color picker for web designers and programmers. It features an eyedropper, magnifier, variable magnification levels, 3 by 3 and 5 by 5 average sampling, snap to websafe, color history, and a 42 color complementary palette. Color Cop will convert RGB decimal values to Hexadecimal color codes. It has color code support for HTML Hex, Delphi Hex, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic Hex, and Visual C++ Hex.

eyedropper, magnifier, colour, complementary, color picker

ServiceMill 3.12.65: Launch applications, programs or scripts as a Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista service

ServiceMill 3.12.65

Run most executable as a service: 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit and batch files, Java. Run custom applications as a service developed using Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi. Let your program interact with desktop even if it runs on a user account. No modifications are required for existing programs to work. Very easy remote & Local administration through Service+.

recovery, servicekeeper, administration, activex, servicemill, nt utilities, remote, utilities, 2000, serviceit, admin

EaseSoft Barcode ActiveX Control 3.5: EaseSoft ActiveX Controls are easy to work in any Windows application

EaseSoft Barcode ActiveX Control 3.5

EaseSoft Barcode ActiveX Controls are easy to work in Microsoft Access, MS Office, Word, Excel, Visual Basic, C++,Delphi, PowerBuilder,Visual FoxPro and Internet Explorer web pages. It supports most barcode symbologies including Code 39, Extended Code 39, Code 128, UCC/EAN-128, Industrial 2 of 5 Planet, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar, UPC-A,UPC-E, EAN 13, EAN 8, BOOKLAND,MSI, Code 11, Code 93, Postnet, PDF417, DataMatrix.Can export image to bmp

bookland, datamatrix, upc a, codabar, code 11, ucc ean 128, code 128, postnet, code 93, extended code 39, industrial 2 of 5 planet